Are you a CFO or CEO?
As a business executive, you have plenty on your plate without the added stress of managing your technology infrastructure on a daily basis. Without dependable IT support, your company may grind to a halt before you even realize there's an issue. Hiring an internal staff can be a costly endeavor that may not provide the necessary expertise and experience to keep pace with constantly evolving technologies. Fortunately, Ohana IT is here to provide a comprehensive IT solution. We offer the support of a complete IT department at a fraction of the cost of maintaining an in-house team.
Are you an IT Manager?
Your role as an in-house IT manager is critical to the ongoing success of your company. The smooth functioning of your company's daily operations relies heavily on a network of hardware and software that must perform flawlessly at all times. This can create immense pressure on you, especially when IT budgets are cut or restricted, as there may not be sufficient resources to guarantee the smooth operation of the network, completion of projects, and provision of day-to-day desktop support. At OhanaIT, we recognize the importance of your position within the organization, and we are committed to collaborating with you and your team to identify and address any current issues and concerns. We can help you develop a comprehensive long-term strategy to maximize your productivity and ensure that your company's IT infrastructure is operating efficiently.
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Lower IT costs
The objective of every business owner is to save money. However, it can be challenging to constantly balance researching new technologies and determining the best action to keep your business running smoothly. Our aim is to help you save money by effectively using technology. By using stable hardware and software platforms, not only can you lower your total cost of ownership, but you can also improve productivity and reduce your overall IT expenses.
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Ohana IT’s Flexible Solutions
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Optimize your business technology with our comprehensive consulting, application management, system integration and implementation. Working closely with our technology partners allows us to manage IT investments cost-effectively. We strive to provide innovative solutions for our clients that will help them achieve their business objectives. Our deep industry expertise, combined with our unparalleled understanding of their best-in -class business solutions, helps our clients optimize their IT environments.
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On-Site & Remote Support
Allows your business to leverage whatever services best fits your IT needs including "On Demand” IT support which saves you money while still fulfilling your requirements.
System Upgrades
Improves employee morale and productivity while decreasing day to day functional business pains with targeted upgrades to either maintain your existing infrastructure or improve and add new functionality to your existing hardware with expedient turnaround in the upgrade process.
Backup, storage and disaster recovery
Leverage the best available data integrity technologies to maintain business continuity, provide for disaster recovery and regulatory compliance ensuring your business data is secure and available when needed.
Firewall and VPN
Secure your network and business data against unauthorized outside intrusion while also providing safe and secure remote connections to your network.
Anti-virus and anti-spyware protection
Hardware and software solutions from the enterprise level to the desktops increases the security and helps maintain your data integrity which decreases your downtime while improving your overall productivity.
Data destruction
Standard and Certified permanent data removal services for hard drives and backup tapes. Customizable to meet the most strict data-disposal compliance standards as needed.
Email security and anti-spam
Hardware and software solutions, implementation, configuration, monitoring and support that keeps your e-mail arriving in destination "in-boxes" without interruption and improves employee productivity by filtering out unsolicited and un-wanted communications.
Planning, network design, configuration, and continual optimization that meets the security and usage requirements.
Voice over ip services
Consultation and review of your current phone services, cost analysis, implementation, configuration and support
Setup, configuration and connectivity of iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows devices.
Hardware and software sales
Consultation, recommendations, quotes, licensing information and support, ordering and delivery and setup of your hardware and software needs.
Technology moves & relocations
Let us liaison with your service providers and manage your technology logistics on site to site moves. Use our services for office technology moves additions of satellite offices and customized remote office setups.